Sunday, January 21, 2018

Draining The Swamp

h/t Silicon Graybeard

After one year in office, Trump and his administration, charged by him to get rid of 2 rules for every new one issued, actually got rid of 22 for every new one issued:
The Federal Register (the yards-long shelf of all current federal regs) has shrunk from 90K pages to down in the 60K zone, the lowest it's been since 1993,  and taking the size of government back 25 years.

In ONE year.

A few more months like this, and he's got us back to Reagan territory.

Three more years of this, (if such continues to be possible) and he might get us back to the 1950s Eisenhower levels.

One of his agency heads requested $0 in budget for next year!

See if you can figure out why business might be booming again, and why the Uniparty business-as-usual machine in DC only hates and fears Trump's guts.

"Accidental" My @$$

h/t Kenny

The irony, it burns: "One more time to kill the pain..."
(LOS ANGELES) — Rocker Tom Petty died last year from "multisystem organ failure" caused by accidental drug toxicity, the Los Angeles County Coroner said Friday.
An autopsy found that Petty had several drugs in his system including fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl, the agency said.


"Accidental" my ass.
He didn’t intend to die, but he did everything possible wrong to get high.

Acetylfentanyl is only a homecooked street drug.
All three versions of fentanyl are typically used to boost the high from opiates, in a 1 + 1 = 37 sort of way.

And he was on 2 different benzodiazepines.
I’ma take a wild guess that he got no more than one of them using a legit Rx, and the rest of his cocktail was supplied by amateur pharmacology delivery specialists.

And he was on so much of so many drugs, his body organs failed, and it killed him.
Speaking professionally, that takes a pretty monumental and dedicated effort.

This was about as "accidental" as juggling lit road flares in a wading pool full of gasoline, and "accidentally" dying in a flash of fourth-degree burn agony.

So rockstar killed himself because he was a stupid drug fiend.

Another pharmacological genius. Color me shocked.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That goes double for jackholes on sites like Daily Sheeple trying to pin this on "Big Pharma".
This was an addict, getting an addict's reward, and the Big Pharma cartels in question have HQ in Bogota and Mexico City, and distribution backstage at the Hollywood Bowl in Petty's entourage.
Well-played. They killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. By the goose's request.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Thank a merciful heaven.

Just like Beetlejuice watching The Exorcist, this gets funnier every time I watch it.

Just curious, Leftards: How did wetting your pants and shrieking about reality work out for you for the last year?
Just wondering.
How about all that fake news hysteria?
Not getting the traction you'd hoped when the media shat out fake story after fake story?
Obozocare is toast without the individual mandate; DACA looks DOA, and Trump is pushing for the Wall, so all that seems to leave is, um, "locking Her up..."
Say, what is in that FISA memo that has everyone crapping in their drawers...?
Happy 1st anniversary, Mr. President.

Friday, January 19, 2018

How To Handle A Shakedown

h/t Kenny

Entitled race hustlers and their shysters want some of Georgetown U.'s cash:
(WASHINGTON DC) One-hundred-and-eighty years after Jesuit priests sold slaves to save Georgetown University from financial ruin, a group of descendants is calling for restitution.
The university’s president has apologized for the sale, and the school has taken steps to make amends. But Georgetown owes its existence to the money made from the sale of 272 enslaved people,

I fully agree with this suit.

Everyone who actually picked cotton, and was actually sold into slavery by Georgetown U., should immediately present their claims at trial, including birth certificates and slave Bills of Sale. Then they can explain what law was broken in 1838, and under what legal argument they deserve compensation now.

Everyone else should be kicked out of the courthouse for lack of any standing, and expiration of the statute of limitations decades ago, hard enough that their asses don't hit the ground until they clear the steps.

After being assessed and fined for their share of defendant's legal bills.

Then the lawyers who presented the suits for plaintiffs should spend some time - we're talking some weeks, not a few hours - jailed for contempt of court, to contemplate the error of wasting the court's time with this kind of judicial horsesh*t.

Pour encourager les autres.

If they are amenable to waving their Eighth Amendment rights, I would accept having them placed in unsupervised public stocks in lieu of jail, for an equal period of time, on a 1:1 basis.
IIRC, it's a little chilly in D.C. just now, but they should have plenty to eat, what with all the fruit and raw eggs that'll certainly be coming their way.

If that proves unsatisfactory to them, all the plaintiffs should be presented with their share of damages for the civil manslaughter of 364,511 who died in the Civil War, payable at once, with interest.

All such claims to be discharged immediately if they drop their claims now and for all time with prejudice, and publicly say "Thank you" in open court, for the sacrifices which allowed them to live as free men in a free country, and never darken the court's doorstep again with this hogwash.

The lawyers still do the times in jail or the stocks, either way.

If the lawyers choose jail instead of the stocks, they should be required to pick cotton by hand until such time as the judge thinks they've learned the lesson. One squawk about either option, and disbarment proceedings for frivolous lawsuits are instituted immediately against the lot.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Slow Learner Alert: ZFG


This is fifty-sixty guys I know in meatspace.
And they're the calm, reasonable, rational ones.

The dozen or so crazy m*****f*****s have already sharpened the axes, loaded the plastic sheeting and trash bags in their car trunks, and dug the holes out in the desert for you.

Just saying.

Just Following Orders In Britistan

h/t WRSA

Come and get me, coppers.

If the cuck-Brit coppers want to arrest him, the corpse of Sir Winston lies in the graveyard of St. Martin’s Church, Bladon, in Oxfordshire.

Ask the Britistanis if it’s still hate speech when it’s a matter of historical record.

Bunch of pussified wankers.

(And for those both faint of heart and historically ignorant, that gesture doesn't stand for "victory" in Formerly Great Britain, any more than the following picture means "You're number one". Lest anyone be confused.)

Orwell would have been slitting their throats by now, but clearly his line has been bred out, and the best part of their country ran down the crack of their women’s hindquarters decades ago.

Condolences to those now trapped behind enemy lines.
The chair is against the door.

Nothing short of heads on poles will avail now.


Apparently Newsweak is all butthurt by this accurate piece of copy from Spike's Tactical (purveyors of AR-15 toys), and Pipe Hitter's Union apparel.

1) Kudos to Spike's Tactical and Pipe Hitter's Union for sponsoring the art.
2) Spike's has apparently doubled down, told Newsweak to get stuffed, and essentially suggested they apply some Butthurt Cream to that.
3) No one's heard a peep from Antifa, as they've only been seen on milk cartons since their Nov. 8th yawp to the heavens failed to dislodge Trump, just as all their violent agitation served only to harden the Right's resistance to their childish tantrums.

Regarding the copy, 27 firearms companies in North America could learn a lesson.
Starting with getting their nuts out of the jar on the shelf, and putting them back on.

As for Newsweak's whinging, three words:

When the Leftards can get their superheroes of anarchy to set down their cocoa and get up off of mommie's couch,

Antifa, off duty and between gigs.

they may find the rules have swerved a bit against them, and this isn't the fight they thought it was going to be.

And when you can't even carry off a socialist rant in the city park in Berzerkely, Califrutopia, without getting a PR-24 shampoo from the local tame cops, it's Game Over, pussies.

You should have stayed in the basement playing WoW.

And those of you who were worried about this pustule of Leftism amounting to anything serious should be a little ashamed too.

This punch was educational. She hasn't been to a protest since.
And for the record: this is when it's okay to punch a Nazi.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pay Attention

h/t Kenny

If you're really lucky, all they'll do is hurt you.

Non futuis nobiscum. Words to live by.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ex Libris - Survival & Austere Medicine - An Introduction

h/t WRSA

If you've never visited FerFAL's (Fernando Aguirre) blog, you oughta.
He's an Argentine, who looks at survival through the lens of someone who lived through Argentina's post-Falklands (Malvinas) War financial collapse and aftermath.

Brought up today because Pete from WRSA noticed this FREE download of a four-star excellent disaster/SHTF medical reference.

Posted here.

PDF download here.
Survival & Austere Medicine - An Introduction - 3d edition
22.14MB, 614 pages, color illustrations

Compiled mainly by Oz and Kiwi docs and nurses, with a lot of crossover listing US equivalent meds/measurements, and based on a lot of give and take from their online medical forums and FAQs, I'm 380 pages in, and it's four-star (out of five) AWESOME.
(Did I mention it's FREE?)

I have a few quibbles. (But they invited feedback, so I'll be sending them a few notes for their 4th ed.) But they're minor.

In short, download this book, print it out, and store a copy on a thumb drive. It's a damned good comprehensive "introductory" reference to disaster medicine, whether just on a desert island, or after the zombpocalypse.

And I'm working this weekend, so this will do for post fodder. Hopefully by next week, I can get through the other 234 pages.

This should go on your medical reference shelf, like it will mine. In a local small disaster, or a major civilizational meltdown, as the platoon sergeant reminded us, "you WILL see this material again, ladies."

But as you're probably lacking a couple of decades of hands-on that I've got, you should spend an ass-numbing amount of time reading it first, soon, and repeatedly, and then hands-on practicing as much of it as you can while no one's life is at stake.

Get cracking.
And then thank the nice folks for handing you a $100 current medical textbook for FREE.
This is good stuff.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Special Snowflake PSA

Here ya go, Snowflakes:

Wear it with pride.

Good Question

Trump 2020. BFYTW.
So, we've gone from a president who spent his first year in office calling America the shithole, to one who puts that shoe on the right foot.
I'm looking for a downside.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

O Give Me A F**king Break!

h/t Kenny

Baltimoron press liars are butthurt, with no idea what's going on:
(BALTIMORE)The University of Maryland Medical System is investigating an incident at its midtown campus in Baltimore in which a woman is seen on video outside the hospital wearing just a gown.
The video shows what looks like four security guards, one with a wheelchair, walking away from a bus stop outside the hospital on the outskirts of Mount Vernon. A woman is seen near the bus stop dressed in a gown and socks. Her belongings are packed in plastic bags that have also been placed at the bus stop.

Without any more information than they had before publishing, I give you the following:

Real answer, to a 99.9997% certainty:

Homeless troll with a cartload of her trash showed up at the ER looking for bed and breakfast indefinitely because it was cold outside, and the shelter would have made her get rid of her booze and dope first, no medical emergency existed, and then she refuses to leave when discharged, after wasting the staff's time and skipping out on $1K or more of medical care and testing to determine that she was only full of shit and lice.
She's in a patient gown (which is the only clean thing she's had on in a month) because her clothes, pried off her body by staff in hazmat suits, have become so matted, wet, sweaty, filthy, and vermin-infestedly disgusting even she doesn't want to put them back on, and are part of what's in all those plastic bags.

This only happens about daily to weekly in every ER I've worked in, going back a mere twenty years, especially from October to March.

And the fuckwits that complain about this kind of bullshit without knowing their asses from a hole in the ground can't figure out why they're still sitting their fat asses in my waiting room 6-8 hours later, because I can't get a fat troll like this to put on her clothes, gather her forty-seven shopping bags of shit, and GTFO so I can decon her room and see a real patient, until three security guards and two techs "help" her hit the bricks.

And if she had met the criteria for a mental health hold, the same assholes would be bitching that she was incarcerated against her will and her civil rights violated for keeping her in the hospital.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Simple answer: Open hunting season, and start shooting them on sight. If the assholes are going to bitch either way, at least get the satisfaction of solving the problem once and for all.

Thank your congress shitweasel for voting EMTALA into law.

She should be chained up in leg irons, and forced to shovel snow on the public roads to pay her bill and fine and cover the cost of green bologna sandwiches, in lieu of six months' jail time.

Also notable: no one's asking WTF her own family is in all this (because they intuitively know already they're a bunch of no-account shitbags too), but they're more than happy to portray the hospital, which did more for her than anyone has probably in forever, as the villains.

And fuck those giving this kind of shitheadedness "a voice". They deserve a bayonet right up the ass to the hilt, and then spun around a bit.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Journalist = Retard

h/t Cold Fury

Andrew Klavan ably dismembers the lamestream mediatards' narrative on Trump:
(PJ MEDIA) All of what I’ve seen of Fire and Fury so far seems more sound and fury, a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing. Donald Trump was so ignorant he didn’t know who John Boehner was, Wolff writes. It took me a fifteen-second Google search to prove that wasn’t true. Trump had spoken about Boehner frequently. He played golf with the guy! It’s an important anecdote meant to tell us something about the president of the United States and it’s utterly false. What kind of writer — what kind of publisher — doesn’t check that stuff?
Or consider this description from Wolff’s self-promotion piece for Hollywood Reporter: “Everybody was painfully aware of the increasing pace of [Trump’s] repetitions. It used to be inside of 30 minutes he’d repeat, word-for-word and expression-for-expression, the same three stories — now it was within 10 minutes.”
We know this isn’t true. As recently as October, we saw Trump speak for 45 minutes off-the-cuff under press questioning. Over Christmas, he talked to the New York Times. He’s clearly all there. A big, outlandish character, no question, but no more outlandish than he was in the 1980s. Why should Wolff’s assertion get any sort of attention at all?
The nation’s journalists cover this obvious nonsense because otherwise, they’d have to enter what to them is uncharted territory: the truth.
We are watching our mainstream news media implode. They don’t just jump on any fake news that might make Trump look bad for the few moments before they’re forced to retract it. They’re now actually reporting their fantasies — fantasies in which Trump doesn’t keep making them look like the idiots they are.

Calling someone a "journalist" is now the only politically-correct way to publicly call someone a barking retard without offending actual retarded people.

They're all fake news.

That kid from Hans Christian Andersen, the one who pointed out that the emperor was naked?
He grew up to be Donald Trump.

Friday, January 5, 2018

James Woods: Comedy Legend

h/t Xenophilic

This is master-class stuff right here.
This guy and Dennis Miller are on the sidelines, and the libtards have a plethora of awful unfunny talentless hacks doing late night.
Woods & Miller should be doing a nightly Fox News Huntley/Brinkley show.

The IQ of cable would go up 50 points, even on Fox.

And I'm soooo stealing "Liewatha". Once I clean off my screen.